The company is founded by citizens of Sri Lanka and Switzerland who have the bond of friendship for many decades and is aiming to create a sustainable organization for the next generation of their families whom they have included in the development and expansion of the organization into the next decades.

All understand the markets they are dealing in and are not mere by-passers. Their aim is to create a sustainable platform for transfer of knowhow, education, goods and services for the benefit of Sri Lanka and Switzerland but not restricting itself to those countries.

Sri Lanka and Switzerland have a lot in common from innovation, hospitality, exports and a multicultural society. Sri Lanka has an ideal location in and close to the fastest growing markets in Asia and Switzerland has the same in Europe.

The organization does not aim to create short term profits but a sustainable future for the benefit of all stakeholders. Cooperation is mainly but not only sought with the SME segment who believes in long term development and loyalty.

We aim to support the countries we operate in by transferring knowhow and our business knowledge and help to improve the key industries of the countries.

To be one of the leading Companies in Sri Lanka to represent exclusive global brand of products.

Manilal Fernando, Sri Lanka

Chairman – Swiss Ceylon Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.
Chairman – Stallion Group of Companies.
Over 15 years Chairman of a large Swiss company in Sri Lanka.

Thomas Daetwyler, Sri Lanka

Managing Director – Swiss Ceylon Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.
Honorary Consul General of Latvia in Sri Lanka.
Former Head of Swiss organisation in Sri Lanka and Singapore.
Over 25 years in Sri Lanka, Education and business background.

Dr. Manil Fernando

Director – Swiss Ceylon Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.
Sri Lankan Orthopedic Surgeon
Conversant in business and education

Malik Fernando

Director – Swiss Ceylon Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.
CEO Sri Lankan Company
Facilitator for education
IT and technical support

Nawziya Hossen

Key Account Manager

Local and export markets – Swiss Ceylon Associates (Pvt.) Ltd
Over 25 years of work experience in Sri Lanka and abroad.



Deshani Liyanage

Personal Assistant
Over 10 years of experience in administration and hospitality




Abdul Rahman

Professional with experience in marketing local and overseas





Mahendra Gunawardena

Sales Marketing
Mahendra Gunawardena has long years of experience in Sri Lanka and abroad. He is qualified in Accounting, Stores Management, Procurement planning, Marketing and Administration. He has experience in regional activities in south East Asia.

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